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Podcasts are all available for download free of charge. If you like what you hear, please consider buying a CD, which is higher quality than mp3, and comes in a nifty packaage. You can also order t-shirts and other groovy stuff from the store. For more information on individual artists, you can visit artists' websites through our links page

Podcast One

we have a great variety of songwriters from in and around Portland, punctuated by a wonderful "Feature from Away." There is a jug band, recorded on the streets of Portland, and a poignant couple of numbers from an old salt, recorded in the wooden boat he calls home. In the spotlight this season is Scott Conley, a masterful luthier, equally adept at the craft of songwriting, recorded in a number of settings including his woodshop where he builds the instruments we hear being played.

Why do You Get to Have it All Haak & Boo

Southbound Down Jeff Aumuller

Milltown Belle Jeff Aumuller

Dead Man Talking Scott Conley

Freedom Town Scott Conley

Lovesick Blues Again Scott Conley

If the Devil Gets Me First Scott Conley

Movin' Back to Westbrook Half Moon Jug Band

Tuna Noodle Baby Half Moon Jug Band

Rocky was the Best Half Moon Jug Band

Lucy Vitucci Bryan Loften


Podcast Two

continues the new tradition of quality in the preservation of real live, living music. Placed alongside the debut offering in this year's boxed set, Volume One Number Two begins to define a whole new world of original acoustic music. It is truly a sound from the turn of the century. You'll hear a new voices from the strangely vast pool of Portland songwriting talent, including Abi Tapia, Jenny Whitter, John Witham and others. You'll also hear a tidbit from away.


Podcast Three

promises to live up to the great expectations of quality music recorded documentary style on location. We'll hear from Carson Lynch and Dave Finitsis, formerly of The Seed Cutters, recorded down by the docks. In the spotlight, a second generation busker and torch bearer for a legacy of songmanship that is pure and timeless. You have to experience it to understand it, and Gigafone Records takes you right to the streets. From away, a special treat in Michael Anderson, a.k.a. The Legendary Buck Silvertone. It'll be worth the wait!


Podcast Four

wraps the Volume One set up with style, offering up more of what you love Gigafone Records for. With recordings in such remote places as an old barn, a 6th floor stairwell, and a Boston T-station, #4 puts the icing on the cake. Includes tracks from Emilia Dahlin, Chris Hawley, E. Ross, and some of the last tracks ever recorded of Haakon Kallweit with the Piners, plus an amazing one-man band that you have to hear to believe.



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Podcast 3

Podcast 4


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